The Personal Productivity Science Framework

The Personal Productivity Framework is a result of thorough research conducted in the fields of Psychology, Sociology, Health, Productivity, and Performance Management studies. It aims to incorporate the whole picture of what is the true definition of productivity in one’s personal life — starting from the comfort of one’s home up to the workplace. It attempts to cover all aspects of one’s life where productivity can be introduced to enhance the quality of life and to ensure the proper utilization of time.

The context of the Personal Productivity Framework spans three main sections: Activities, which include a person’s day-to-day activities that can be enhanced if done efficiently and productively, Enablers of productivity which are contributing factors that promote one’s productivity, and Inhibitors which are the factors that act as obstacles impeding one’s productivity. The PP Framework is currently comprised of 12 Domains and 54 Elements, which are a result of research and analysis deducted from the literature worked on by a plethora of scholars and experts in the fields of productivity.

Framework - Personal Productivity - Final

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