About the Personal Productivity science labs

Personal Productivity Science Labs (PPSL) Facilitates the understanding and optimization of personal productivity through personal productivity science and practice-inspired frameworks and systems. At the core of the products, services, and content developed by PPSL is the body of knowledge developed by the Center for Personal Productivity Science, operated by the Institute for Life Management Science. 

Productivity Science Labs

Our Research Center

The Center for Personal Productivity Science operates research in home organization science, having at its core a proprietary framework structured on personal productivity science domains and elements. On the conceptual foundations provided by the personal productivity science framework, the Centre is building a comprehensive science and practice-driven body of knowledge to support a better understanding of personal productivity and enable conscious and informed choices on how to manage different aspects of living productive life.

Center for Personal Productivity Science

What we believe

We know that many distractions in life can affect our productivity: personal problems, family, friends, work stress, and different social media platforms or any other things that involve technology.

But what if there are courses of action or solutions to help you be productive and achieve your goals while living your life?

That’s what we do at Personal Productivity Science Labs. We believe a person can be productive without sacrificing his personal and social life.

How We Do It

We offer a variety of courses and resources to provide you with the tools you need to reach your goals while living your life. We made it our mission to help you live your best life.

Courses: Our courses teach individuals how to be productive with the help of our scientific framework.

We aim to help individuals on the right path with our courses and materials developed by our research team.

Podcast: Work in Progress: The Personal Productivity Science Insights Podcast aims to address all topics related to productivity — from money organization to that dreaded work-life balancing act, and many more!

Magazine: We publish articles about the latest research on personal productivity. We also publish practical tips for improving your own life by reaching your goals with the help of science.

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