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Productivity is not finding more time. Productivity is doing more work efficiently in your time. With science, people can understand how to be more efficient and practical in utilizing their time to reach their goals in a structured way. And that is what the Personal Productivity Science Labs is aiming to do.

We operate as a division of LMSL, the Life Management Science Labs, a community that rigorously researches, curates, and creates the best life management solutions using science. We are your life companions and seek to use technology that enables us to reach people when they need us and support them in their transformational journey.
Productivity Science Labs

how we do it

The Life Management Science Labs is comprised of a diverse group of professionals from several departments such as Multimedia, Publishing, Marketing, Creative, Project Management, and more.
These departments all work together toward the same goal: to become lifelong companions that provide a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean on, and an anchoring point for answering life’s questions. We aim to achieve this by creating offerings that will help members of our community worldwide.

Our courses aim to teach individuals the best way to maximize their time, work smarter, and live better.

Each week, we produce a podcast episode to help you use your time wisely so that you can live a more fulfilling life.

Our magazine articles reveal efficient strategies for enhancing productivity and operating smarter.

Personal empowerment and Development With Science

Our instructors are passionate about life management science — they have been meticulously researching techniques that will help you improve your own life, too. They’ll share with you their best tips and tricks for overcoming challenges and creating lasting change. Discover our latest courses!
Sleep-productivity Course


Fundamentals of Sleep Productivity

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Fundamentals of Efficient Budgeting

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Work in Progress: The Personal Productivity Science Insights Podcast

Work in Progress: The Personal Productivity Science Insights Podcast. Here we talk about all things productivity, from money organization to that dreaded work-life balancing act, and many more!

Each topic addresses an element from the comprehensive framework of several domains and elements created by the Center for Personal Productivity Science.

Latest Articles From The Insights Magazine

Do you know the level of your personal productivity?

We all set a goal in our lives, you may have done it weekly, monthly, or yearly. but the big question is are you on track with the goals you have set for yourself?

It was always said that time is relative to personal productivity, therefore how efficiently do you use your time every day?

We designed a quiz to gauge the level of your personal productivity to help you improve yourself and be on track with your goals.

Personal Productivity quiz
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